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Who is commercial car finance suitable for?

Anyone who uses their vehicle predominantly for business or work purposes, this generally encompasses:

– Sales representatives,

– Real estate agents, property managers and other such roles where a core component of your work is using your vehicle.

– If you are paid a car allowance as part of your employment, then you are generally eligible.

– Sole traders, business owners and anyone looking to purchase via an ABN (Australian Business Number)

At All Commercial Finance, we have negotiated wholesale rates with Australia’s best business use car finance providers!

We have lenders setup to provide financing on the following products:

Types of commercial car finance:

Chattel Mortgage (most common) – This is the most common type of business vehicle finance and what we specialise in. With this product we have a large panel of lenders with sharp interest rates and same day approval policies.

This product is excellent for any type of business use vehicle purchase and has some special benefits for purchasers with an ABN and GST registration. You can usually claim 100% of the GST component of the car price as an Input Tax Credit within your next BAS (Business Activity Statement).

Commercial Hire Purchase – A Commercial Hire Purchase is a hire agreement whereby you hire an asset from a lender for a fixed monthly fee. Excellent if you do not want to own the asset but simply hire it for a fixed term.

Finance Lease – Also known as a car lease. It is essentially a long-term car rental whereby you lease the car from the lender who buys it on your behalf. You pay fixed repayments until lease expiry.

We have negotiated with some of Australia’s largest mainstream lenders to provide Low Doc car finance at competitive rates (sometimes just as good as a full financials product!).

This is a great option for individuals & small businesses alike with the following criteria:

-> Use your vehicle predominantly for business or work use (tradie, real estate, salesperson) OR

-> Run your own company/business with ABN registration of 2 years + GST registration (minimum 1 day)

As there are no financials required and the application is very straightforward with the business owners simply providing a declaration of affordability. There are also the following benefits:

-> Same day approvals

-> Lowest negotiated interest rates with $0 Origination fees!

-> No financials needed for certain businesses (2 years ABN, GST registered and own property of some description)

-> Settlement on emailed documents (signed originals not required)


All Commercial Finance Solutions – Helping individuals & businesses avoid getting bogged down in paperwork and back to doing good business!